Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sample ICE subpoena (I-138) to employers

On Feb. 22, 2011 Raymond Reza Bolourtchi* writes: "The owner of a local restaurant visited our office seeking our Firm's assistance with an I-138 (DHS Subpoena) along with a rider for delivery of all I-9, quarterly payroll, list of all existing and terminated employees and their SSA, etc.  I called the local DHS-ICE-OI officer in charge of the case and went on a fishing expedition… He informed me that the Subpoena was issued pursuant to Headquarter[s] directives as part of a National "campaign" and indicated that "thousands of these Subpoena[s] have been issued nationwide as of and since Wednesday of last week".  As to my fishing expedition, he confirmed that our client was not the target of any particular investigation but rather part of this "national worksite enforcement program or investigation".   LINK TO SUBPOENA.


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