Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exchange Visitor Program teacher extensions for NC, GA, SC and VA

Karen S. Hawkins at DOS writes: "Please find attached letters from Deputy Assistant Secretary Colvin advising that the Department of State will consider an extension of program for up to two additional years beyond the maximum duration of three years for teachers in the public school systems of [North Carolina,] South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.   To request an Extension Beyond the Maximum Duration of Participation for teachers completing their third year this summer, you must submit a request in SEVIS and provide the required supporting documentation on behalf of each teacher to be considered. Instructions for submitting a request may be found in the User Manual for Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor Users (RO/ARO) of SEVIS:  Volume II Form DS-2019, section The request and documentation must be received in this office before the teacher’s Program End Date in SEVIS, and no later than July 20, 2010.

Any exchange visitor teacher who has obtained a favorable recommendation for a waiver of the two year home residency requirement from the Department of State is not eligible for consideration.

In submitting a request, you must:

1.    Enter a request in SEVIS for each teacher, and pay the required fee of $246.00 through

2.    Forward the exchange visitor’s full name and SEVIS ID number, the receipt, and a letter from the appropriate school district official regarding an extension of the existing teaching assignment to the Department at the following address:

Office of Designation, Private Sector Programs Division
U.S. Department of State
ECA/EC/D/PS, SA-5, 5th Floor
2200 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20522-0505"

Karen S. Hawkins
Division Chief
U.S. Department of State
Tel: (202) 632-2805
Fax: (202) 632-2701
Please visit us at:

[Hats off to David Ware for providing this!]

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